Saffron Spice Filaments

The threads or filaments of saffron spice are dried stigmas of Crocus Sativus Linnaeus. Every flower only has 3 stigmas. These threads should be hand- picked from every flower, and more than 70,000 of these is required in producing just 1 pound of saffron filaments, making it the most valuable spice in the world. However, due to saffron’s intense flavor and strong coloring power, it must be used carefully.

Saffron spice gives any food intense flavor, revitalizing aroma and bright orange-yellow color. Crocus Sativus Linnaues, the scientific name of saffron flower, contains a substance known as crocin. This is responsible for saffron’s revitalizing aroma, intense flavor, strong coloring property and therapeutic properties. Saffron spice is available both in powder and filaments, though the long, red filaments are typically preferable to the powder, as the latter can be adulterated.